Blazing Whirlwind

Gorgeous brunette Sakura Hell is leafing through a magazine while Pavlos tidies the yard with fierce energy. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Blazing Whirlwind" begins, the freckled beauty watches her lover’s antics through the window, laughing to herself. She knocks on the glass and he comes inside to join her on the sofa, kissing from her toes all the way up her long legs and licking her teasingly through her panties. Pulling the flimsy lace aside, Pavlos eats his sweetheart’s pussy to an intense orgasm; Sakura is eager to reciprocate, kneeling to take his curved cock in her mouth for a sensual blowjob. Straddling him, she impales herself on his erection and rides passionately, sliding up and down his thick shaft until she’s breathless with pleasure. They switch to doggy and Pavlos fucks her vigorously, their bodies slamming together; then they move into missionary, Sakura’s legs pinned wide as Pavlos drives her to another powerful climax and fills her with creamy cum. More galleries click here: