Gorgeous Lexi Dona sits vaping and texting, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Impatient" begins. The raven-haired beauty gazes out of the window, waiting until finally Liam Salvatore strolls into the room in his robe and stretches out on the sofa. Now Lexi focuses all her attention on teasing her lover, kissing him and peeling off her silk lingerie so he can caress her perky breasts. Taking Liam’s stiff cock in her fist, Lexi wraps her lips around it and starts to suck it eagerly, head bobbing and cheeks hollowing. She bends over so he can lick her pussy, then straddles his face, grinding to a powerful orgasm. Impaling herself in a reverse cowgirl squat, Lexi rides energetically, sliding up and down Liam’s rigid dick until another climax sweeps through her quivering body. She sucks her juice from his erection before mounting him again, this time in cowgirl, her perfect ass bouncing hypnotically; he flips her, still buried to the hilt, and fucks her with vigorous thrusts. Lexi orgasms again as Liam fills her with creamy cum and they kiss tenderly, glowing with mutual adoration. More galleries click here: