Get Loose

Gorgeous Zuzu Sweet walks into Ricky’s apartment and is swept up in a fiery embrace. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Get Loose" begins, the lovers kiss passionately, hands roaming. Ricky lifts Zuzu onto the kitchen counter and sucks her nipples voraciously, then tugs her panties aside and eats her pussy until she’s trembling and gasping through an intense orgasm. Zuzu frees Ricky’s rigid cock from his pants and drops to her knees to suck it, her lips and fingers sliding up and down his thick shaft avidly. Bending Zuzu over the counter, Ricky thrusts into her from behind, grabbing her jiggling breasts as he fucks her with vigorous strokes. She has another powerful climax, then they rush up the stairs, stopping halfway up for another wild clinch before they make it to the bedroom. Ricky presses Zuzu against the glass wall and slams into her with renewed energy, her body arched in ecstasy. They stumble to the bed and Zuzu straddles Ricky and grinds on his cock, then impales herself in cowgirl. She rocks her hips sensuously, her sexy ass rippling as she moves into a squat to ride even harder. They orgasm together, their torrid passion mellowing to tenderness.

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