He Gives Me Multiple Orgasms

Alex Charger and Ophelia Dust barely make it into the doorway of their apartment before they're all over one another. Alex pushes Ophelia against the wall and tugs her shirt down to go for those titties. Sliding down Ophelia's body, Alex hikes up her miniskirt and goes to work on her pussy with his mouth. A hot minute later, Ophilia is crouched in front of Alex sucking his cock and balls in an eager blowjob.Pausing just long enough to relocate to the bedroom, the couple tumbles onto the mattress and begins undressing. Crawling on top of Alex's body, Ophelia resumes her BJ. She sucks him to her heart's content, then moves up his body so she can sink down onto his stiffie to ride him.Turning the tables on Ophelia, Alex feasts on her trimmed coochie once again. She spreads her thighs to welcome him into her twat, keeping her legs parted as he fucks her nice and deep. When Ophelia rolls onto her side, Alex is right there to spoon behind her and keep their party going.Putting Alex on his back again, Ophelia resumes her stiffie ride, this time in reverse cowgirl. Then she cedes control to her lover yet again as she gets on her knees. Alex takes full advantage of the position, pulling Ophelia's hair as he dicks her down in doggy.Finally sated from her multiple big Os, Ophelia turns around to face her boyfriend. She uses her hand and mouth to stroke and suck his cock, blowing him as he reaches his finish line. When Alex can't hang on any longer, he delivers the mouthful of cum that Ophelia has been aiming for and which she takes with a big smile.

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