I Will Get You

Gorgeous brunette Katy Rose knows how to put a smile on her lover’s face. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "I Will Get You" begins, she drags Michael Fly’s attention away from his newspaper by stripping down to her sexy lingerie. He can’t keep his eyes off her as she teases him with soft kisses; soon his hands and lips are exploring her silky skin. Tugging Katy’s skimpy panties aside, Michael eats her pussy for a moment, but she’s too impatient to feel him inside her, freeing his stiff cock from his pants and guiding it into her tight slot. He fucks her with vigorous strokes, making her moan as he drives her to one orgasmic peak after another. They move into spoons, Michael slamming his hips even harder to make Katy squeal as a string of climaxes tears through her beautiful body and she strums her clit to intensify the incredible sensations. Straddling Michael in cowgirl, Katy rides energetically, her breasts and ass cheeks jiggling as she bounces up and down. She’s sweaty, trembling and utterly blissed out as Michael triggers her final orgasm by cumming deep inside her drenched pussy.

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