Our Desire

Gorgeous blonde Casey is taking sexy selfies, her poses growing more and more provocative, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Our Desire" begins. Jason Carerra sees her touching herself as he walks down the stairs, and when he embraces her, she guides his hand down into her tight yoga pants. Casey keeps filming while Jason kisses her, fingers her pussy and then goes down to lick her, until she’s so overwhelmed by the powerful sensations that she tosses her phone aside and concentrates on her orgasm. Jason drops his shorts so his big cock springs free, and thrusts into Casey in missionary position, making her gasp with arousal. He fucks her with vigorous strokes, making her climax again before they switch to cowgirl. Casey rides hard, her hips rocking as she slides up and down on Jason’s thick shaft and he slams up to meet her, giving her another orgasm. She dismounts and instructs him to drill her doggy style, their bodies moving in harmony until they orgasm together. Jason’s cum drips out of Casey’s drenched pussy as they kiss and cuddle, glowing with mutual satisfaction.

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