A creepy obsession with a mannequin takes a darkly erotic turn, in Andrej Lupin’s envelope-pushing movie "Perverseness." Stanley Jones lavishes attention on a life-size female model, dressing her up and putting lipstick on her lips as he tells her the story of his cheating girlfriend. Gorgeous Zuzu Sweet is the embodiment of the living doll in Stanley’s twisted mind as he carries her to the bed and kisses her passionately. He fondles her breasts and fingerbangs her bare pussy roughly, making her gasp and squeal, then licks and rubs her clit until she climaxes again. Taking off his jeans, Stanley thrusts his stiff cock into Zuzu’s soaked slot, her leg up on his shoulder so he can drive deep. He fucks her vigorously, making her breasts quiver with each stroke as she orgasms repeatedly. Stanley feeds his thick cock into Zuzu’s open mouth, and she sucks it passively; then he penetrates her again in spoons, slamming into her wildly so that she is overwhelmed by the intense sensations as they orgasm in unison. Stanley’s grip on reality shatters as the movie reaches a disturbing end.

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