Need A Little Love

Gorgeous blonde Lee Anne stands at the bedroom window, wrapped in a sheet that slips down to expose her perfect ass. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Need A Little Love" begins, Charlie Dean watches appreciatively from the bed, and Lee Anne teases him by dropping the sheet and running her hands over her sexy body. She joins him on the bed, kissing him passionately; pulling back the bedcovers, she makes him gasp as she licks the length of his stiff cock. Straddling Charlie, Lee Anne guides his erection into her slick pussy and slides up and down energetically, the waves of pleasure making her moan and giggle. He flips her onto her back and eats her pussy before penetrating her again in spoons and fucking her to an intense orgasm. Switching to missionary, he slows the pace at first, gradually speeding up until Lee Anne climaxes again. He slams into her, making her orgasm once more as he fills her with hot cum.

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