Sarika in Aphrodite

Sweet Sarika A tries so hard to study – but she's so easily distracted. "I can sit still and focus for 15 minutes, max," confesses the sizzling-hot Latvian blonde. "Then it's like my hands develop a mind of their own. I'll be reading a text, working on an online lesson, and I'll realise they're stroking my thighs, hiking up my short skirt. Unzipping the front of my tight dress. I'll convince myself I deserve a break, a little treat – I'll sit there cupping my breasts, working my thumbs over my hard nipples, then I'll feel the juices welling in my pussy… And the temptation to touch it is just too much to resist – it's so soft… it's smooth like velvet when it's freshly shaved. Maybe I should quit the home-study and hit the library – but even there, I'm not convinced I could keep my fingers to myself…" More galleries click here: