Our Masterpiece

Working on her belly on a glass floor, Killa Raketa is deeply engrossed in her daily drawing journal. This wannabe artist won't stop her journaling for just anything. Killa's boyfriend, Ricky Rascal, is ready to see whether he can be worth of her attention.Sliding his hand over Killa's ass that's exposed in her thong, Ricky palms the smooth skin. He lets his fingers get busy, stroking and delivering a pussy fingering as Killa's eyes drift closed in delight. He wins her full attention as she turns over onto her bottom so he can make her pussy feel good as they lock lips in a deep kiss.Now that Ricky has gotten Killa's attention, he can afford to take his time. They relocate to the balcony so they can really go for it. Another kiss paves the way for some hot and heavy caressing. Gradually, Killa slides down to her knees so she can take on Ricky's big cock in a deep throat BJ.Getting Killa back to her feet, Ricky turns her around so that she is leaning against the balcony railing. Without further ado, he slides home into that slippery coochie. Killa is wet and willing as she moans and squeals in time to Ricky's thrusts from behind.Moving to the couch, Ricky takes a seat and pulls Killa down on top of him. Once she has impaled herself on Ricky's hardon, Killa leans forward and goes to work. Bouncing away on the D, she only changes things up when she gets the chance to slide up Ricky's body so he can lick their mutual flavor from her pussy lips.Ricky lays down and Killa arranges herself on her knees so that her twat is still at the perfect pussy licking position. Then Ricky gets on his knees to fuck Killa from behind. Her doggy style pounding leaves her panting for more, and Ricky is happy to deliver by letting Killa ride him in reverse cowgirl.Pressing Killa onto her back, Ricky plumbs her nice and hard. Once he has gotten his lover off one last time, Ricky works himself the rest of the way to his own orgasm. Depositing his seed deep into Killa's snatch, Ricky gluts her with a creampie of his hot jizz.

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