We Belong Together

Gorgeous brunette Stacy Cruz takes a cup of coffee out to Ricky, who is lazing in a hammock in the garden. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "We Belong Together" begins, the lovers cuddle up on the sofa, talking and kissing. Ricky fondles his sweetheart’s beautiful big breasts as they stumble indoors and land on the bed, bodies entwined. He nuzzles her soft bush as he eats her pussy skilfully, then straddles her chest for a passionate blowjob. They move into spoons, Ricky’s thrusts slow and intense, making Stacy gasp with arousal; rolling over into a prone bone position, he picks up the pace, driving her to one powerful wave of pleasure after another. Flipping into missionary, Stacy raises her hips so Ricky can plunge deep, making her orgasm again. She moves astride him in cowgirl, her perfect breasts bouncing as she rides until she has one more climax, triggering him to cum inside her. Giggling and kissing tenderly, their sexual chemistry is a delight to watch.

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