Lovita Fate & Ricky

Stunning blonde Lovita Fate strolls through the sunlit meadow, as episode three – "Summer" – of Andrej Lupin’s erotic series "Seasons" begins. Wearing nothing but a shimmering gold cape that swirls around her beautiful body in the gentle breeze, she twirls and dances sensuously. Ricky joins her on a bed in the wheat field, embracing her passionately and moving between her thighs to lick her shaved pussy until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. Lovita reciprocates eagerly, stroking and sucking Ricky’s thick cock before straddling him and guiding it into her juicy slot. She bounces energetically, her sexy ass rippling as she rides to a wild climax. Spinning around into reverse cowgirl, she slides up and down on Ricky’s rigid pole as wave after wave of pleasure sweeps through her. They switch to spoons, Lovita’s fingers strumming her clit as Ricky fucks her to another blissful orgasm and she jerks his cum out over her tanned mound of Venus. More galleries click here: SexArt.com