Matthew Meier & Lily Blossom

Cute blonde Lily Blossom tiptoes across the carpet to Matthew Meier and starts to dance seductively, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Charm" begins. She slides her dress from her shoulders, baring her gorgeous breasts and fondling them seductively, then peels off her panties too. Crawling onto the bed, Lily kisses her lover passionately; he is soon naked and she wraps her lips around his thick cock for an eager blowjob. Gazing up at him with her beautiful blue eyes, she sucks and strokes voraciously, then straddles him and starts to ride. Her gasps of pleasure grow louder as Matthew thrusts up to meet her bouncing booty, driving her wild. Lily dismounts and Matthew licks her shaved pussy before penetrating her in missionary and fucking her vigorously, then switching to spoons and strumming her clit as he plunges in and out. She has an intense orgasm, and then another that’s triggered by Matthew cumming deep inside. More galleries click here: