Sweet Celebration

Cute brunette Mirka is woken by Justin coming into the bedroom with a cake, as Tora Ness’ erotic movie "Sweet Celebration" begins. She blows out the candle and scoops up some frosting, thanking her boyfriend with an adoring kiss; but he has another surprise for her, a red ribbon tied around his erection. She’s even more delighted by this, untying the bow and licking his cock playfully, before wrapping her lips around it for an eager blowjob. Justin reciprocates with pleasure, lavishing attention on Mirka’s perfect breasts, then peeling off her red lace panties and eating her shaved pussy. Penetrating her in missionary, he fucks her vigorously, lifting her legs over his shoulder so he can thrust deep. They switch to cowgirl, the petite beauty sliding up and down her lover’s thick shaft; spinning around into reverse cowgirl, she squats to ride even more frenetically as he strums her clit, driving her wild. In doggy, Justin grips Mirka's sexy ass as he powers into her, then rolls her over so they can kiss before he jackhammers into her and anoints her trembling body with hot cum. She scoops some up and licks it from her fingers, loving the taste just as much as the cake frosting... More galleries click here: SexArt.com